Meet Dorottya


Hi, I am Dorottya, a 23-year-old Hungarian Student coming from France. I am attending an Intercultural Management, Communication and Marketing master course at ESTRI, in Lyon. I applied for a recruitment intern position to have a full understanding about the recruitment processes and daily functioning of a recruitment agency and as well as to improve my language skills. 

On arrival to Malta in January for my 6-month Internship Programme within the Recruitment Industry –  Triple 3 Group.

Why Malta?

I had the possibility to fulfil my internship in English – I researched and found that Malta’s main language is English speaking country so I decided to come to Malta because of the intercultural background of the country. The impact of the history on its culture is inspiring. Maltese Islands form a beautiful country with a lot of sunshine and the sea which make the life easier over here.

Me and Human Resources

I have previous practical experience in HRM but working at a recruitment agency was a new experience for me. Every day is different: you meet with new people who has different background and experiences, so you must adapt yourself to this challenging situation. I enjoy meeting with candidates each day and helping them find a new career move. I am grateful to be a part of Triple 3 Group.

How I joined Triple 3?

I liked to come to Malta so I looked for internship opportunities on the island though Internet. And then I found an advertisement so I sent my application… that’s how it started. I had a phone interview with Rita and David, my current managers, and they accepted my candidature for an Intern role.

My experience with Triple 3

Even if my internship has not finished yet, I feel that I have learnt a lot. I got a full training at the beginning of my internship about the database management, marketing tools, interview processes etc. My colleagues helped me out during this training period, they are supportive. We work in a multicultural environment; the team consists of professionals from different countries and cultures. For now, I got more responsibility and autonomy which is a good feedback of my work.

How Triple 3 can help?

So, if you would like to relocate to this sunny island or if you are looking for a next career path, don’t wait any longer, just contact us now 🙂




Dorottya Kovacs