Curriculum Vitae


What is a CV?

The abbreviation CV stands for Curriculum Vitae. This Latin term literally means “course of (my) life”. In general, CV provides a summary of one applicants’ life, with an emphasis on education, qualifications, and work experience.

CV layout

A CV is composed of different parts and topics. The structure should be in chronological order (from the most recent to the oldest). What information should a good CV include?

  • Your personal details and contact information

A Curriculum Vitae usually begins with personal details such as your name, address, nationality, and contact information including phone number and email address. You can also include your LinkedIn account link to provide even more professional details about you since you are not as limited with space on your LinkedIn profile. Try to avoid irrelevant personal information such as marital status, religious affiliation etc.

  • Work experience

A list of your work experience should also be stated in a chronological order. Always include name of the organization’s name, the position as well as the month & year you started and stopped working there. Did you have a lot short-term jobs? Then only state the most relevant to the job position you want. If you have just graduated, mention your Internships, they are work experiences too! Also add a short description of what you achieved and your most important responsibilities in this position (for example – increasing clients by 22% in 12 months).

  • Education and further qualifications

Make sure, you always include the name of the institution, the field of your studies and the degree of education you have reached (Bachelor, Master, PhD, etc.). You can also include courses and additional education related to your career and profession. Always list all these records from the most recent to the oldest and add year and month you started and ended.

  • Skills

You can include your computer skills, programs and software skills which are relevant for to the position you are applying for, all foreign languages ​​you are fluent in (both in speaking and writing) and other skills related to your profession.

Additional parts of CV

  • Picture

Picture is not mandatory, but the employer can have an idea of ​​what you look like. If you do include a picture, always keep it smart or smart-casual with a plain background.

  • Leisure and hobbies

Include information about your hobbies if you believe they will provide a better impression about your personality. Avoid any references to religious or political affiliations

  • References

If including references, you should either list the contact details of old employers or academic references whom can be approached by a potential employer. Make sure that these persons are informed in advance that they might be contacted.

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