Recruitment Process

The recruitment process at Triple 3

Step 1 – Submitting your application

So you have found a vacancy of interest Good! Now it is time to submit your application. Your CV is the most important document in the entire process so make sure you have it up to date before submitting. Take a few minutes to look it over to make sure it has the latest information regarding your work experience. Once you are ready to apply, you may either apply directly through the website or via email at make sure you include a personal message telling us a little about yourself and why you are applying for the vacancy. Interested in several of the advertised vacancies? No problem! However, please do not send multiple applications- instead state in your application text that you are interested in other vacancies as well. We understand you may want to submit slightly different CVs depending on the vacancy but we will gladly help you with this later in the process.

Step 2 – Talking to your consultant

After submitting your application you will be contacted by one of our recruitment consultants for an initial chat. The purpose of the initial contact is to make sure we get to know you and manage your expectations so that we can provide you with the best service. At this stage, you may be told that unfortunately we do not currently have any vacancy we can put you forward for, in this case do not lose heart, we will keep your CV on file in our database in case future opportunities arise. You are also encouraged to visit our webpage regularly and you are welcome to let us know whenever you see another vacancy that you want to be considered for.

Step 3 – Preparing for being ‘presented’

On many occasions, we will find one or several opportunities where we believe you are a suitable candidate. At this stage, we may invite you to our offices to discuss the various opportunities. This is a casual interview normally held at our offices but sometimes the interview may be held remotely (via telephone or Skype) in the case that you are not yet in Malta or if other circumstances require. The purpose of this interview is to make sure you are suitable for the role, that you fully understand the responsibilities involved within role, to impart some information about the employing company and finally ensuring that the opportunity is genuinely of interest to you.

Step 4 – Presentation to the client

The next step is presenting your profile to the client. At this stage your consultant will help ensure your CV and personal letter is optimised for the role. Once everything is prepared your profile will be sent over to the client for review. This part of the process takes differing amounts of time depending on each individual client process but we will follow up regularly and keep you updated. At this stage, you may sometimes be rejected by the client, but don’t lose heart! Rejection is a natural part of any job seeking process and we will always try to find you another suitable vacancy.

Step 5 – The interview

If the client shows interest in your profile, we will then schedule the interview. In preparation for this we will call you and go over the interview preparation where we will give you tips on how to conduct yourself, proper dress code and preparation for likely questions etc. Usually the interview will be held at the client offices, however in some cases it may also be held remotely if you are still outside Malta or if the client representative is currently travelling. On the day of the interview make sure that you are well rested, prepared and that you know the way to the venue. As it is very important to be on time for your appointment make sure that you leave early to have a time margin for unexpected complications like traffic jams, getting lost etc. Once your interview is complete we will contact both you and the client for initial feedback so please keep your phone charged!

Step 6 – Follow up

After the interview the client will consider the next steps. This is also the time for you to consider if the job is still of interest for you. Depending on the nature of the vacancy there will often be additional steps at this stage. Perhaps you will be called back for a second interview or be asked to do a test. The client may also ask you for references at this stage so make sure your references are prepared and informed that they may be contacted. We will support you throughout the process and keep you updated on progress. It is good to be prepared to be patient at this stage since many clients may take some time on their final decision.

Step 7 – The offer

Finally the day have arrived when the client has decided to make you a job offer! In some cases, negotiations about terms will be opened at this stage and in other cases the terms have been defined earlier in the process. In any case, this is your time to decide on the job and terms offered. Negotiations take place via your dedicated consultant and once an agreement has been made a contract will be signed with an starting date. Thereafter, it will be time to give notice to your current employer and make any other necessary arrangements in preparation for your new job. As always we remain available to support you through the entire process.

Step 8 – Your new job and beyond

Upon commencing your new role, we may contact you to make sure that you had a smooth start and that everything is to satisfaction. We are also very happy if you stay in touch and keep us updated on how you are doing.