FAQ for Job seekers

  • Triple 3 Group LTD is a Maltese employment agency registered under the Employment and Training Services Act (MT). Our competent person and recruitment manager is Ms Rita Gorwood.
  • Your data is safely stored in compliance with current data protection laws, we will not share your data with anyone without your permission unless required by law.
  • You may submit your application directly through the website or through email.
  • Yes if possible, we will be better able to assist if you provide us with some information about your aspirations. Don’t worry about your cover letter being the finished product at this point. We will help you with this before it’s presented to the client.
  • Yes. However, to avoid confusion and mix-ups if you are Interested in several positions it is better to submit your application through emailing your CV to info@triple3group.com and tell us what you are interested in. If required, we will always help you tweak your CV to suit specific industries or employers.
  • We will contact you once we have reviewed your application. Please note that this may sometimes take a few days.
  • We will give you this information once it is time to present you to the client. Please be informed that due to confidentiality issues we cannot provide client identities until we have mutually agreed to present you to the client. Note that we are unable to provide client identity or similar information to anonymous callers.
  • Unless you are asked to bring anything specific all you need to bring is a good attitude.
  • Usually professional attire, remember that how you dress for the interview will have an impact on first impressions. In preparation for interviews we will advise you on the proper dress code for the specific workplace as this varies greatly depending on industry.
  • The first interview usually takes place at our offices or via phone. Thereafter, having been presented to the client you will usually meet them at their offices. In some cases, interviews may be held remotely over Skype or Phone.
  • We keep your CV on file in our database and our consultants may contact you when a good match emerges. You can keep updated on the vacancies that are published on the webpage and let us know if you see anything of interest.
  • No, we will never forward any of your information without agreeing with you first.
  • This varies greatly since every client has a unique process. Sometimes the process may be quick and sometimes it may take a few weeks. We will keep you updated regardless.
  • We understand that you may not want to alert your current employer to your intentions and will always be discrete. All arrangements are kept strictly confidential.

FAQ for Employers

  • We work within a wide range of industries and are always interested in discussing your specific needs. We currently have specialists working in IT, iGaming, Financial Services, Language Recruitment (Multilingual), Call centre recruitment, transport & logistics and manufacturing.
  • Please contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements and agree terms of business. Thereafter, you will be assigned a personal consultant that will help you with any vacancy that you want to publish.
  • This varies greatly depending on industry and skillset required. In general we will work with you to fill every vacancy as soon as possible aiming to source candidates within 5 business days.
  • Ultimately the hiring decision is up to you. Sometimes it may be prudent to arrange for an additional interview, or ask for references. We are available to advise you and throughout the process.
  • We try to avoid presenting candidates not meeting your qualifying requirements, however sometimes things just don’t work out! Ultimately the hiring decision is yours and we are always happy to receive feedback to improve our process. If you feel that a presented candidate did not meet all requirements, please let us know and we will seek you an alternative.
  • Within our contracts, we usually offer certain guarantees that in the unlikely and unfortunate event that a placed candidate leaves within the first few weeks of employment, a replacement will be sought. This is negotiated individually within the signed terms of business and varies with each industry. Please contact us for more information.

Internship with Triple 3 Group

  • Duration of this program and your stay is flexible and will be agreed before the internship begins. However, the minimum is 3 months of your internship.
  • We require at least B2 level due to the fact, that you will be in touch with our clients and applicants. You should be able to communicate fluently and write grammatically correct business emails. However, all other language skills and cultural knowledge is considered a great asset.
  • Friendly environment and fun team of future colleagues who will be you your mentors during your stay. The main aim of our Internship Programme is to provide students with a valuable opportunity to apply, what they have been studying in their schools or universities and give them a structured real life work experience. It is important that you are interested in working in a multi-cultural and dynamic environment.
  • After successfully completed internships we will provide you with personal written recommendation letters and references. We can also add a reference to your LinkedIn profile.
  • You will gain valuable work experience, apply theoretical backgrounds learnt at your school or university, get a boost for your professional development and growth and gain a realistic preview how is it to work in a professional recruitment agency.
  • Generally, people usually explain the joy of living in Malta with these 2 reasons: Sun and the Sea. Believe or not, but Malta has one of the best weather in Europe with more than 300 sunny days on average. People are friendly, English is widely spoken as it is a second official language in Malta. You will find many international friends and can enjoy busy night life as well. Malta is also very well-known for its history so you can travel all around Malta on weekends. Malta is a very tiny island and you can easily use a bus or to travel anywhere around the island. You can also walk somewhere, because it is a tiny island.

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