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Meet Salomé

Hello! My name is Salomé and I am currently an intern at Triple 3 Group. I come from France where I study Intercultural Management, Communication and Marketing at ESTRI School (Lyon, France). I spent a six-month internship within Triple 3 Group in order to put theory to practice and have a first experience in Marketing. I also wanted to discover Human Resources and to improve my English language skills.   How I joined Triple 3 Group? One of my teacher advised me to have a look at Triple 3 Group’s internship programme since a student from my school had previously completed an internship with them and gave a positive feedback. I had a phone interview with the current director of the agency, which went really well. She told me my internship would be like an exchange of skills. On one hand, she needed someone to work on the marketing side of the company and on the other hand, the team would share their knowledge and experience with me, so I could learn how recruitment agencies are administered.   Human Resources and me Recruitment and HR in general is a field I had never worked in before but I was very curious and willing to learn as much as possible. Internships are a way to try different jobs and career options and I was attracted to the human aspect of recruitment...

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